Use Cases

Example use cases for unlocking the power of video

Online Community Integration

By their nature, online communities are designed to provide you with an engaging and interactive way to interact with consumers and gain valuable insight. Video is an ideal fit within the online community space.

Integrate capture and analysis capabilities with your community software to bring the voice of the customer to life.

What you gain:

  • A richer data asset from the community, with up to 6x more data than an equivalent free text response
  • Additional variety of engaging activities for community members
  • Captivating real consumer stories to share easily with stakeholders
  • Ability to see your community members up close as they share their thoughts, attitudes and feelings, in their own words
  • Get a sense of customers’ surroundings and interaction with their environment

Apply video to a wide variety of research methodologies including diary studies, online focus groups and surveys.

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