Did you know you can gain deeper insights by using video?

LivingLens video intelligence platform unlocks the power of video for brands, agencies and technology providers.

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LivingLens Platform

LivingLens captures & analyses video content via speech, actions & sentiment, translating human behaviour into insights. We make working with video efficient and scalable by breaking down video into a usable data asset that enables fast insights creation.

Take video from anywhere

LivingLens enables you to effortlessly capture content of any type and any kind and share it with the LivingLens platform.

Analyse the video

LivingLens uncovers insights from the spoken word, actions, objects & sentiment in any language, via the engaging and powerful video visualisation platform.

Create engaging stories

Create insight stories super-fast using our easy showreel creator to combine your favourite clips into one video.

Present to drive action

Publish and present video stories to your colleagues or clients for more informed business decisions.

How does it work?

LivingLens technology puts the consumer at the heart of decision making by leveraging the power of video.

Watch our short explainer video to discover how LivingLens is redefining how brands and agencies get closer to their consumers and unlocking video based data & insights.

For Agencies

LivingLens helps agencies drive greater efficiencies and deeper relationships with clients when using video.

By adding video into existing or new propositions agencies can now effectively use and deliver video based insights seamlessly across all types of insight programs.

LivingLens can be applied to qualitative, quantitative, customer experience and social listening programs, to provide a richer and more engaging data source that can be shared with your clients for greater impact.

Combining these video based insights into a single video channel, from which you and your clients can analyse and create stories.

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CX Media Library

LivingLens provides a video insight hub where all your video content from all your research and customer experience providers can be stored. Either capture new videos with our capture tools, or upload existing video. Then easily search, edit, analyse and re-use your voice of customer video, bringing the customer to desktops of all.

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For technology providers

LivingLens provides a full suite of API’s to seamlessly integrate our video capture & analysis capabilities directly into your existing platform, providing a rich suite of tools that your clients can seamlessly use alongside your existing capabilities. Our technology partner program provides all the answers, taking weeks not months to be fully up and running.

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Client benefits

Customer insights captured on video

Seamlessly capture qualitative, quantitative, customer experience and social video from anywhere in the world.

Video is a much richer data set than other mediums, at least 4 times in terms of text vs the spoken word and far greater for the activity and facial expressions.

Analyse video content in seconds

Search and analyse video like any other source of data to understand opinions and activities in moments.

Create video stories which are more impactful and drive change at a greater pace.

Build an innovative library of knowledge

Build an ongoing, easily accessible library of content.

Take video learning, in any language, and share video stories across the business or with clients to drive action.

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