Gaining a deeper understanding of the patient journey

Gaining a deeper understanding of the patient journey

The Brand

Just Worldwide is a healthcare and pharmaceuticals market research field and logistics management company. While Just Worldwide provides traditional services across the healthcare spectrum, it has become an industry leader noted for its work in device testing, patient journeys and rare medical conditions. Just Worldwide aims to bridge the gap between patients, physicians and so that healthcare and patient experiences can be improved.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed data collection methodologies for the entire industry, forcing it to adopt virtual options at dizzying speed. If technology was to be the driving force of all data collection, Just Worldwide knew ease of use was key to making respondents feel comfortable and safe with it.

Just Worldwide’s partnership with Medallia LivingLens proved advantageous here, as both companies had long shared the same goal of building successful research through positive respondent experience. Being able to rely on the LivingLens platform to provide that comfortable and safe environment, Just Worldwide has been able to confidently keep up with its clients’ projects no matter how much change has been required.

Step 1


Just Worldwide has always focused on ease of use, but now it needed to be faster. No longer could it wait for the shipping of materials or the flights of moderators. Their respondents were now given only moments per day to complete activities on their mobile phones that unlocked a plethora of complex results. Having Medallia LivingLens as a partner allowed for increased speed without loss of quality.

Step 2


Respondents use the LivingLens platform to upload video diaries, complete specific tasks and answer questions in a variety of formats.  The capture of insights in these various ways has enabled Just Worldwide to take a more longitudinal approach to information gathering, as opposed to relying on traditional “one and done” results.  Respondents are quickly able to handle new technology, freeing up time for the research itself.  In almost no time, shyness and awkwardness fade and respondents treat the exercises as normal parts of their daily routines.

Step 3


Medallia LivingLens has always maintained a cutting-edge toolbox for analysis. With faster fieldwork comes the need for faster analysis and the ability to make quick changes based on the results.

Step 4


Adapting its processes to include webcam interviews and video diaries has been immensely fulfilling for Just Worldwide and its notable reputation for sharing rich patient insights. With the right permissions and the use of the Medallia LivingLens platform’s easy-to-navigate video management tools, it has been able to develop compelling showreels that capture forever raw and honest respondent content. Those reels have been instrumental in the way clients of Just Worldwide communicate with clinicians and patients across the world, especially in the rare disease categories. Its dedication to researching the rarest conditions is a valuable experience for those being researched and those doing the research. Never before have those two groups been closer than they are now.

 Sally Udayakumar, Research Manager at Just Worldwide 

“There’s been no slowdown in terms of what we’ve been able to deliver for clients – even in a global pandemic which has hit our sector hard. Having worked with LivingLens for 3 years, we’ve been able to grow our patient journey research work by 10-20% year over year.” 

Here’s what some of the team said

“The Mobile Missions research we conducted earlier this year was instrumental in generating actionable insights because it took advantage of the best aspects of both qualitative and quantitative research.”

From Real-Time Insight to Real-Time Action

Our sophisticated analytics tools, combined with the flexibility that our mobile app offers to participants and clients, has meant that Just Worldwide has been to capture tangible insight like never before.

We’re proud of our relationship with Just Worldwide and hope to continue in helping the healthcare sector to improve the lives and experiences of patients globally, by giving the team the cuttingedge tools to extract meaningful data and insight. 





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