Use Cases

Example use cases for unlocking the power of video

Customer Experience

If you are obsessed by the customer and passionate about ensuring your customers have the best possible experience, there is no better way to understand your customers than video.

Capture rich video based responses from customers by integrating LivingLens into your Customer Experience software.

What you gain:

  • Get closer to your customers, see and feel how they experience your brand
  • Understand how customers FEEL about their experience going beyond ratings and free text questions
  • Learn from consumers in their own words what makes or breaks an experience
  • Bring issues to life by enhancing insight storytelling with video
  • Get to the bottom of pain points from the customers’ perspective
  • Get under the skin of top level KPIs
  • Drive action through powerful representative customer stories
  • A deeper understanding of what and /or who drives an amazing experience
  • Use the mobile capture app to gain true in the moment feedback
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