Popular uses of LivingLens

We collect video from anywhere with our easy-to-use apps and tools. It’s simple to add LivingLens into
any qualitative work, or quantitative survey to complement text open-ends.


Remove barriers to care and streamline the virtual telehealth experience across the entire patient journey using video feedback.

Caregiver Engagement

Use video feedback in your caregiver engagement program to gain valuable insight from those closest to your patients.

Patient Experience

Capture video feedback in patient experience feedback programs and seamlessly visualize patient video content alongside your survey data.

Video Asset Management

Store all video insights in a searchable hub

Focus Groups & IDIs

Easily analyze long-form qualitative video

Video Ethnography

Get a close-up view of your customers’ lives
Zoom User Testing

User Testing

Supplement your user testing approach with customer video
Advertising testing

Market Research

See instant reactions to marketing initiatives
Customer experience Open sign

Customer Experience

Understand how customers feel about their experience
Feedback survey

Feedback Surveys

Gather qualitative insights in your surveys
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Understand employee satisfaction and engagement

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