Video research platform for brands

Video feedback puts customer stories at the heart of your business. Use video to challenge the assumptions you have about your customers, develop empathy, and facilitate better ‘customer-first’ decision making.

Build better solutions, faster

Solve customer problems and get to the heart of what they are thinking, feeling
and how they are interacting with your product or service.

Though the platform was designed to be DIY, we’ll also work with your agency partners to
embed video, audio and image capture into your existing programs.

Video asset management

A one-stop shop for all your video-based insight. Store consumer insight video across projects and agencies in an easily accessible cloud-based platform. You may choose to capture new videos with our capture tools, or upload existing video feedback. Easily search, edit, analyze and share all of your video content with key stakeholders.

Video asset management
Customer experience open

Customer experience

Integrate webcam and mobile video capture into your customer feedback programs to easily turn text-based questions into data-rich, video-based questions. Visualize this content seamlessly for a simple and powerful end-user experience.

Feedback surveys

Turn an open-ended question into a video question and gather qualitative insights from your quantitative surveys. Seamlessly visualize video content alongside your survey data for a simple and powerful end-user experience.

Feedback surveys
Focus group and IDIs

Focus groups & IDIs

Leverage the cloud to automatically upload and transcribe recordings of focus groups or IDIs into the LivingLens platform. Alternatively, upload existing content and LivingLens will timestamp and transcode the content for you.

Employee engagement

Give employees a voice in the boardroom by encouraging them to leave video feedback. Integrate the LivingLens capture tools into your employee satisfaction surveys or embed them into your internal sites to gather insight from those closest to your customers.

Employee engagement

What you’ll gain…

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Save time by searching videos by the spoken word, activity, or sentiment, in any language

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Be driven by data; Take gut instinct and guesswork out of important business decisions

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Improve overall customer-centricity and experience within your organization

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Engage your customers in a way that easily assesses brand perception and loyalty

What does it mean to ‘humanize feedback’?

Humanizing feedback is about creating empathy for your customer within your organization. It literally means to make feedback more ‘human’. Video provides a powerful medium to see and hear your customers as they share their experiences and opinions with you.

Medallia LivingLens Video

How LivingLens Works

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Our plug and play APIs enable seamless integration with your existing technology stack. If you don’t need to integrate, jump straight to Capture.

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Capture video feedback content from surveys, our mobile app, the cloud or even Zoom. Upload new or existing video content quickly and easily using our video capture tools.

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Dig deep into speech, emotion, object and context data to understand meaningful trends in your video content using powerful AI and machine-learning tools.

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Create impactful showreels and data reports in minutes to humanize your feedback strategy and bring the voice of the customer to life.

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