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LivingLens provides a video insight hub where all your content can be stored

What are your challenges?

  • Do you want to use video to understand the voice of the customer, but find it difficult to manage across projects and agencies?
  • Do you work in multiple languages and markets?
  • Do you struggle to get ROI from your video projects?
  • Do you want a different way of bringing the voice of the customer to senior stakeholders?
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LivingLens solution

LivingLens provides a video insight hub where all of your consumer insight video across projects and agencies can be stored. Either capture new videos with our capture tools, or upload existing video feedback. Then easily search, edit, analyse and re-use your voice of customer video.

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Benefits of working with LivingLens

  • One-stop shop for all your video based insight by storing in an easily accessible platform.
  • Save time by searching videos by the spoken word, activity, or sentiment in any language
  • Reuse the insights from previous studies to brief future studies.
  • Gain greater ROI on existing video projects by creating new customer stories using existing footage
  • Bring the voice of customer to life to senior stakeholders by giving them direct access to an easy to search video hub
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