Use Cases

Example use cases for unlocking the power of video


Video can be a valuable addition across every stage of the innovation journey from assessing the market opportunity through to post launch testing in stores or consumer’s home.

Use the LivingLens capture App and platform in combination for feedback throughout the innovation process including concept testing. You can programme our capture App with tasks for consumers; they simply record their responses, which then get shared directly with the LivingLens platform. Alternatively, you could record focus groups to give you the same powerful analysis options across groups of consumers. Which ever capture methods are right for you, all the content is available in the platform. It allows you to search and analyze your content to reveal the insight and create show reels to evidence findings to stakeholders.

What you gain:

  • User-generated video content providing a fly-on-the-wall view of consumer reaction
  • Gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ emotional reactions to concepts
  • Ability to observe how products and services fit in with consumers’ daily routines
  • See up close consumers compare products and services, including those of competitors
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