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Powering a ‘Mobile Mission’ for Del Taco

The Brand

Del Taco is a U.S multi-state restaurant brand, specializing in American-style Mexican cuisine.

The Challenge

Always looking to stay ahead of the competition, Del Taco wanted to make significant improvements to their customer experience by updating the look and feel of their restaurants and menu. This was a high-profile promotion and marketing opportunity which Del Taco needed to fully leverage. To evaluate the impact of the proposed changes on customer impressions, the business needed to collect and analyze high quality consumer feedback.

With limited internal resources, Del Taco needed a cost-effective solution that would deliver results, quickly. They decided to work with Medallia LivingLens to design and deliver an engaging interactive survey experience to dive deeper into what their customers thought about the restaurant chain’s changes.

Del Taco’s consumer insights team worked with Medallia LivingLens to develop an interactive video survey to enhance their quantitative customer feedback. Presented as an undercover ‘mobile mission’, the survey was an engaging and branded experience for the customer from first point of contact. Once the video feedback had been collected, Del Taco captured, analyzed, and shared data-rich customer video to power the ‘mobile mission’ using the Medallia LivingLens platform.

Step 1


Del Taco needed to gather insights with quantitative confidence and qualitative context, so it was essential that they could embed the video question into their existing survey platform. Medallia LivingLens’ software offered them that flexibility and support, providing seamless integration with their market research tool that customers could fill out from their phone. Being able to collect both quant and qual insights side by side meant that they could produce holistic insights.

As an added benefit, Del Taco discovered that not only did the qualitative video data provide context to the quantitative data, but that it identified further ‘unexpected’ findings which would form the basis for future research and actions.

Step 2


Del Taco asked qualified respondents – or secret ‘agents’ – made up of existing and lapsed customers to undertake a secret undercover ‘mobile mission’.

To engage customers and encourage participation, the survey started with a personalized video from Del Taco’s CMO to “start the conversation”, explaining the expectations of their mission upfront.

The customers were instructed to:

  • Go on a ‘mobile mission’ to a Del Taco in the test area
  • Order at least 2 of the 5 test items
  • Record their dine-in or drive-thru experience through survey and video as they’re experiencing it

The campaign captured video data from 150 respondents. By recording their experience as it happened, Del Taco received genuine, unfiltered feedback on the changes that were made to the restaurants and the menu, allowing them to understand which changes were having the most impact.

To encourage participation, ‘agents’ were awarded a $50 gift voucher when they completed their ‘mission’.

Step 3


Over 150 customers participated, generating over 10 hours of data-rich video content to be analyzed through the Medallia LivingLens platform. This analysis included everything from the use of language to changes in sentiment, emotion, and the objects shown in the videos. Analyzing customer videos this way gave Del Taco more data than a traditional quantitative survey would, giving them a fuller picture of the customer experience, while still allowing them to extract quantitative data from qualitative input.

Here is some of the data that Del Taco were able to extract from the videos:

  • Quality and freshness were identified as the biggest opportunity in the pre-mission survey – the video data revealed a significant uplift in these areas once people had tasted the test tacos, proving that the menu changes lived up to customer expectations.
  • Item names on the new menus led to initial disappointment for some customers – for example, the name of the test tacos led them to expect a larger meal.
  • Menu changes were positively received particularly due to greater emphasis on healthier menu options and ease of navigation.
  • Half of the respondents said they would visit Del Taco more, and 38% said they would visit Del Taco over a competitor brand once they had completed the mission.
  • The likelihood of visiting Del Taco over a competitor increased for customers who noticed the changes made to the restaurants and menu. This showed Del Taco the impact the changes had on customer perceptions.

Step 4


Del Taco’s research team collected quantitative survey metrics and over 10 hours of customer video content, which informed a 28-minute highlight reel video which told the mobile mission story. As a result of using the customer videos in internal meetings, employee engagement with the insights within Del Taco increased.

Tom Johnson, Director of Consumer Insights

“The Mobile Missions research we conducted earlier this year was instrumental in generating actionable insights because it took advantage of the best aspects of both qualitative and quantitative research.”

Here’s what some of the team said

“The Mobile Missions research we conducted earlier this year was instrumental in generating actionable insights because it took advantage of the best aspects of both qualitative and quantitative research.”

From Real-Time Insight to Real-Time Action

For Del Taco, Medallia LivingLens’ platform helped them create a cost-effective solution that not only provided them comprehensive insights in real-time but also was engaging for the customer and allowed them to take part when it suited them. This meant the customer video feedback they received was authentic and high-quality.

One of the key benefits of using video question in the mobile mission was the fact that the qualitative data was quantifiable and at scale. Because Del Taco had 150 videos of customers going through the same experience, they were able to extract quantitative data from the video and confidently make decisions based on it. This is atypical for qualitative feedback like video – usually, it is simply directional.

Even more beneficial for Del Taco, using video was a powerful way to bring the voice of the customer to life and help them understand what changes made the most impact. This insight was amplified by the ability to use the Medallia LivingLens platform to create showreels that tell the story. As a result of the insights provided by the customer videos, Del Taco was able to identify and share insights to motivate their internal teams, inspire change within the business, and fuel further growth.





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