Video research platform for technology providers

Our full suite of APIs seamlessly integrate directly into your existing platform, so you can quickly add state-of-the-art video capture and analysis capabilities to your existing solution.

Meet client demands with less resources

With video allowing organizations to deeply connect with customers and bring the voice of the customer to life,
it is no wonder your clients are itching to add video capability into their existing experience management (EM) programs.

Our off-the-shelf, industry-leading video intelligence solution can help you keep up.

Feedback surveys

Feedback surveys

Integrate webcam and mobile video capture into your survey tools, turning text-based questions into rich, video-based questions. Clients can seamlessly visualize video content alongside survey data for a simple and powerful end-user experience.

Customer experience

Integrate LivingLens into your Customer Experience (CX) software to capture video-based responses from customers. Video adds an innovative, rich form of customer feedback for enhanced CX storytelling.

Customer experience open

What you’ll gain…

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Reduce development costs and time to market

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Broaden the scope of your current proposition to prospects and customers

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Use the power of video to generate more meaningful data for your clients

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Be recognized as an innovative solution provider

Partner with us

Many technology providers partner with LivingLens because our platform offers
the most extensive range of capabilities of any video insight platform on the market.

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How LivingLens Works

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Our plug and play APIs enable seamless integration with your existing technology stack. If you don’t need to integrate, jump straight to Capture.

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Capture video feedback content from surveys, our mobile app, the cloud or even Zoom. Upload new or existing video content quickly and easily using our video capture tools.

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Dig deep into speech, emotion, object and context data to understand meaningful trends in your video content using powerful AI and machine-learning tools.

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Create impactful showreels and data reports in minutes to humanize your feedback strategy and bring the voice of the customer to life.

Global technology providers trust LivingLens

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