Dear Diary
04 2017-10

Qualitative video – why it makes sense and how to make sense of it

Qualitative research has many benefits. It can provide you with rich and detailed information to give an in-depth understanding of consumers and topics. By encouraging openness respondents can also reveal new avenues to explore. Areas that haven’t been considered and wouldn’t have been included in a quantitative survey. However, some qualitative techniques can be time […]

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ESOMAR Congress review
31 2017-08

ESOMAR Congress: A pre-event review

The 70th Anniversary ESOMAR Congress is fast approaching. Carl Wong, Co-founder and CEO and Sophie Goddard, Business Development Director, will be representing LivingLens at the event. Here they share their thoughts on what they are looking forward to, what they hope to learn and what they don’t want to miss. Why ESOMAR Congress? Carl In […]

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Success written on chalkboard
24 2017-08

Enrich your surveys with video: Top tips for success

The value that video can bring to an organisation is significant. In quantitative studies, when comparing a video response with an equivalent open-ended text based question, ‘video provides greater content both in terms of word count and in terms of the number of things actually talked about’*. According to Forrester**, one minute of video equates […]

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Lit up question marks
21 2017-08

6 compelling reasons you should be using video questions in surveys

Using video within research isn’t new. However, advancements in technology and changes in consumer behaviour now mean you can gain a qualitative output on a quantitative scale, by including video questions in surveys. The latest GRIT report revealed that for 43% webcam-based interviews were in use with a further 22% saying that they were under […]

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Practical tips for avoiding poor quality video
21 2017-07

Make poor quality video a thing of the past

Every piece of research undertaken has a purpose. Thought and care goes into planning; deciding who to speak to, what to ask them and when to ask it.  We are seeing an explosion of video content from our clients. Some projects have over 10,000 videos, but we see a mix of quality. We’ve made incorporating […]

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See no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
19 2017-07

When a ‘spoiler alert’ is actually a good thing

I have a confession to make, I love Game of Thrones. Despite recording the first episode of season 7 at 2am, I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch it till the evening, so I avoided social media as much as possible. I wanted the surprise. I enjoy the feeling of anticipation and I wasn’t […]

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