Heart with hands
24 2018-01

Customer Experience: It’s getting emotional

What was the last brand interaction you told your friends about? Was is a good experience or were you warning them to avoid a brand at all costs? Whether positive or negative, memorable experiences are what gets talked about. Average experiences that might meet, but don’t exceed our expectations, are not those we rush out […]

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22 2017-12

[VIDEO] Market Research trends in 2017, a LivingLens perspective

Carl Wong reflects on the changes seen in Market Research industry over 2017 and looks ahead to 2018. Hear what other industry leaders predict for 2018 in the GreenBook Future Predictions blog 

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18 2017-12

So many ways to shop, so little time

As the purchase journey becomes more complex, the need for shopper insights at speed has increased. At this time of year, shopping is high on my list of priorities. Some of my friends are able to shop throughout the year and calmly have everything purchased and wrapped by November. I am not one of those. […]

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Video Wall
17 2017-11

How to completely change the way insight video is used in your business

Email search has been a life saver for me on several occasions. I’ll be honest, my emails can appear like a mass of seemingly disorganised information, that would probably give some people sleepless nights. Every now and again, I need to resurrect a piece of information from the abyss. I know that it exists, I’ve […]

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Video in qual research
20 2017-10

Top tips for producing quality qual with video

Here at LivingLens, we’ve been helping agencies and brands to incorporate video into their qualitative projects since we started the business almost four years ago, whilst some of our team have been working in qualitative research, both client and agency side, for almost two decades. Over time, we’ve seen the applications of video in qual […]

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Dear Diary
04 2017-10

Qualitative video – why it makes sense and how to make sense of it

Qualitative research has many benefits. It can provide you with rich and detailed information to give an in-depth understanding of consumers and topics. By encouraging openness respondents can also reveal new avenues to explore. Areas that haven’t been considered and wouldn’t have been included in a quantitative survey. However, some qualitative techniques can be time […]

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